Journal entry #6

The last 6 weeks of TAFE have been busy with work on assignments taking up my time. In Monday’s class we have started working on feature stories with Pam with was leaving me a little bit daunted . I have a lot more creative control over what I could write but have been worried about how to structure the article. I eventually managed to put something together but wasn’t totally happy with it and felt it was rushed. That said I have learned a lot in regards to my writing skills and have benefited a lot from the 1 to 1 teaching that Pam has given me.

The editing for the 360 video was a bit more of a stressful experience as I had to do all of the editing by myself. The positive side of this was growing in my video editing skills and the end product was something I thought was quite good.

The rest of my classes were pretty simple and I had forward planned assignments to ensure that they were all completed prior to the due dates.

Hard to think that the Diploma is over. I thought I would struggle with it a lot more then I did and had this thought that it would be bigger and tougher than the Certificate IV. I feel proud of myself and feel confident I can go on to bigger and better things!

The forgotten war


South Sudan’s population could be reduced by 50 per cent if extra help from Western countries doesn’t happen soon.
South Sudan is gripped in a civil war that has seen famine hit the country harder than any other nation in Africa.
Crimes against humanity, displacement, violent crimes and severe famine will see inhabitants either leave the country or die from starvation. Continue reading