Journal Entry #7

The final journal for Mobile Photography!

This subject has been a bit of a challenge to me throughout. As mentioned in previous journal entries, I have never really felt comfortable with taking photos and even after starting the subject often compared myself to other students who had really good photo taking ability. Continue reading

Journal #5

First week back from holidays and right back into it in class!

We used photo shop this week and there were no surprises that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! Photo shop was really big and messy and confusing! I didn’t know where to start and despite listening to most of Verity’s instructions was getting quite confused.

I liaised with a few classmates and soon got the hang and experimented with the program, it seems to be quite a useful program when working with photos but definitely not my cup of tea.

I have continued to be lazy and have fallen even further behind with my photo exercises but have promised myself that I will get on to that this week!
I have even spoken to some of my friends at church who are photographers and are smart with an iphone. They have given me some good ideas to work with when shooting off my phone.

With only a few weeks left, I am looking to get as much as I can from the rest of this class.
Will be sad when it’s all over.

Journal Entry #4

I have been continuing to improve in my photography skills over the duration of this course. Like I had said in my earlier journals, I don’t particularly like taking photos but the training and advice that Verity has given me (along with some words of praise and recognition) has  helped me a lot.

I quite enjoyed the Human of Chinatown exercise as I got to work with Lani (who in my opinion has a great eye for photos). I got a really good Humans of Chinatown person, a Dutch backpacker as well as some pretty cool photos in the downtown city area.

I have fallen a bit behind in my weekly photo exercises. I plan to get around to that in the holidays and in the first few weeks of the next term. These exercises have been helpful in getting my photo taking skills up and to a level that is acceptable.

Humans of Chinatown


“I haven’t rung my family in two weeks, originally I was calling them every three days but I’m just having so much fun that I forget about it!
I’m 19 and from Holland just outside of Amsterdam and here on a working visa. I’m working in sales, it’s tough though Cos no one wants to talk. I’m pretty outgoing and it sucks when you get shut down, kinda like asking someone out and getting rejected heaps.
The plan is to travel around NSW after I finish working in sales, maybe go to Byron bay or Nimbin? I won’t get high though! You can do that in Amsterdam”- Timo