Journal Entry #2

This semester is moving a lot a bit too quickly for me! Already four weeks through the course and panic is now starting to set in!

I haven’t started working on my assignments although technically I have as done a fair bit of research and behind the scenes work such as setting up interviews and writing drafts. I just feel like I haven’t done that much, sure that’ll change when I put pen to paper so to speak.

The last fortnight has been really good when I’ve been in class. Unfortunately I have done some commentary and that has meant I’ve missed a bit of class which has made me guilty.
I have tried to catch up as much as I can and haven’t really fell behind at all.

This past two weeks I have really enjoyed the innovation class that we do on Monday afternoon’s. It is a little bit different to any class that I have ever done and stretches my thinking (which makes me uncomfortable!)
I’m hoping that when we do the group assignment of recording a 360 degree video that I can display my skills in innovation and contribute meaningfully to the project.


Journal Entry #1

TAFE is back ya’ll! It seems an eternity since I was last in the classroom studying after finishing the certificate IV last November. Last year was a lot of fun and I was happy with my results, but this time It was going to be different as a Diploma is a big deal and was already feeling the pressure before the course started.

The classes were set out from the start and sounded interesting if not a little bit daunting (video and audio editing! Gulp!).
The class for this year is again quite small which doesn’t phase me as means I can gain assistance from the teachers where needed. The rest of the students are really nice and willing to learn as much as I which is really positive.

I have already learn a whole lot in the first fortnight of TAFE. I am most looking forward to Monday morning’s class with Pam. We are being taught very thoroughly about the importance of factual evidence when writing a story as well as using the inverted pyramid to ensure that the most important facts are up the top.
My writing has improved since I’ve been at TAFE but want it to get even better if I am to compete with other journalists when applying for full time work. Therefore this class is vital to my success and thankful that we can get help where needed.

I am looking forward to the rest of the course but also feeling a little bit nervy about the story map and the editing videos and audio. I think I need to trust myself and my ability a bit more and just get it done.

That’s all for now but will bounce back in two weeks.

Transcript of interview with Niki Loe

Jack: Tell me about your childhood, what was it like growing up in the Loe household?
Niki: Growing up in the Loe household was great! I always had lots of family around with younger siblings and relatives plus mum was always a stay at home mum up until recent.
Jack: Did your family have an influence on your footballing career?
Niki:  Of course they had plenty of influence and always supportive with my best interest at heart.
Jack: How does it feel to be in the Sutherland Sharks set up?
Niki: It’s obviously a great club with a very stable setup and great people throughout. Doesn’t hurt that it’s across the road from home!
Jack: Is it hard managing a sport career and a work career?
Niki:  It is challenging, to an extent but very doable. There’s obviously times the I would rather dedicate myself to one or the other but it’s working for me at this stage and I haven’t stunted my growth here nor there.
Jack: What are your goals in the soccer world?
Niki:   I just want to go as far as I can, to play professionally has always been my goal, if I can reach that then I will create a new goal.
Jack: Who has helped you along the way?
Niki: It’s impossible to name them all, plenty of people along the way have influenced my life in soccer, I try to take the best out of every coach and continue learning every session.
Jack: What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Niki: For the upcoming season my goals are to continue improving my game and do my best to cement a starting position in the team.
Jack: What are your passions outside of soccer
Niki: Soccer is my passion although as mentioned I also have a working career in the waste industry which I am also passionate about

Journal #5

We were in the computer room for our online and social media class on Friday and set about working on our assignments and blogs. 

I took the time to change the layout of my blog to try and attract some more followers and visitors. I have been putting up lots of sports related articles and there is enough content there. I wanted to ensure that it looked the part as well. 

Verity came and looked at it and was impressed with the content that was on there. That was a real confidence boost for me and made me feel good about the work I had been putting up there. 

I also spent a little bit of time working on my assignment and seeing what questions I could use for interviewing Ejder next week. I want it to run smoothly and planning the Interview will ensure that. I feel confident about the assignment and think I can do a really good job on it, looking forward to the challenge.

That all for now, will check back in a little later and give progress on my interview with Ejder. 

Journal Entry #4

I decided in class for our assignment that I will be doing it on one of our fellow class mates Ejder. He has lived an interesting life and has lived as a migrant in Australia. Verity suggested that I do it both audio (recorded) and write an article on it. This will be tough ask but something I believe I have the ability to do. I am looking forward to speaking with Ejder as I believe he has a great story to tell.

I have continued to work on my wordpress quite intently. It has been one of the more focal points of this class and with the help of Verity have been able to form my wordpress into something that not only sounds good but looks good.

One of the things I have been disappointed in has been the small attendance in class. This really isn’t anyone’s fault but I find it easier to learn when I can bounce off ideas from others.

With not too many classes left, it is vital for me to continue to learn as much as I can from this class and continue my online personality of which can help me in the long run. As you can probably tell, I am waffling now so I’ll leave it here. Check back in two weeks.