Quitting For A New Life



A government initiative to help smokers kick the habit is changing lives for the better in Aboriginal communities across the state. Continue reading


Granville Train Disaster: NSW Government to say sorry after 40 years



On the verge of the 40 year anniversary of the Granville Train disaster,  the New South Wales government will apologise to the victims and their families affected by the disaster. Continue reading

Mr Dutton, how do you sleep at night?



Much has been made of the immigration policy to Australia in recent years. From the dark old days of John Howard’s liberal party where desperate families were thrown overboard, to the current, shambolic display by the liberal party who have demonstrated absolutely zero empathy to anyone that attempts to enter Australia illegally. A lot of people have differing opinions. This isn’t what I am writing about. This is about human rights and how people that come here don’t deserve to be treated like criminals. Continue reading

Travel bloggers stumble across Area 51 in bizarre confrontation

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Travel writers stopped at gun point after finding “back gate” to area 51 in bizarre standoff. Continue reading

Journal entry #6

Getting down towards the end of the TAFE year but I am still trying to work as hard as I can to fine tune my writing.

In News Conference we again had a real life news conference and discussed what is happening in the world of news and what articles we could write abouit, particularly on a “slow news day”.

Nick then asked us to write an article on a news topic that interested us as well as embeding audio or video into that article.
I chose a piece of news that I feel passionately about and that is the Royal Commission into the mistreatment of the Indigenous youth in Northern Territory.

I collected a lot of my info of a Guardian article that was released earlier in the morning as it was factually based and was very well written. I added bits of my own understanding in there and felt it sounded pretty well. I did at first struggle with writing something that sounded logical and structurally correct but was able to brush off those cobwebs and wrote a well informed article.

I finished off the class by writing a quick report article on Aston Villa’s soccer win that morning. It was only their 2nd win all season and their first win away from home in 438 days! So quite a significant point for them. This was easy for me as I know the sport back to front.Got it done quickly and added it to my many sports articles that I have posted this year.