Industry Assignment #2

Before I started TAFE I had already thought about what my career goals whereas well as other goals in my life. In regards to my career goals, I have always been Interested in sports and broadcasting. Although it seems like an unlikely source of work success it is something that I desperately want to achieve. Ever since I was little I have watched the likes of Ray Warren, Richie Benaud and Bruce Mcaveney call different sports ranging from cricket to rugby league to Aussie rules. Sports broadcasting would be a dream job and would be something that I feel I would be quite good at. 

I feel pretty comfortable in front of both the microphone and TV camera so organisations such as ABC, 2GB (radio) and channel 9 and channel 7 (sport) would suit my capabilities. 

As I mentioned before it is a very niche market to get into and thus need to have a backup plan. The backup plan is to work in print media in the sports industry. I have knowledge about most sports and feel comfortable writing about them. I would love to work for a magazine/website that focuses on a particular sport eg.,, (websites) or big league, cricket monthly (magazines).

For TV I will need fantastic camera skills, the ability to think on my feet, good presentation skills and a calm disposition. 

For working in print media I would need some different skills altogether. I will need to have great organisational skills, good time management and creative thinking to develop new and fresh story ideas. 
Two media personalities that I may contact (or in my case already have) are two sport journalists. 

The first one is Daniel Brettig who is a journalist for, he has written about cricket for over 10 years and is very knowledgable as well as writing in a style that is very attractive to read and good to mimic. I spoke to him on Twitter a few weeks ago and his advice to me about making it as a journalist in the cricketing world was to know what I want to achieve and steadily work towards it without distractions. 
The 2nd journalist I approached was current rugby league commentator Joel Caine. He is a former player and has been commentating for Fox Sports for the last two years. He has a good voice for commentary and is very passionate about the industry.

His advice to me was to call as many sports as I can to hone my skills and to do this constantly, after this bash down doors to get a chance in the industry. 
Both these men have given me great advice and it has given me confidence for the future in my studies and career hopes. 

They are called dreams for a reason but I believe with enough passion and dedication I can reach them. Hard work pays off.