Journal Entry #5

The holidays have finally hit TAFE which gives me a bit of time to catch my breath and work on some assignments.
The last two weeks I have been a little bit lazy with my contribution towards work and have let a few of the assignments mount up.
That said, I have at least put up a list of subjects and when my assignments are due, just haven’t been proactive enough!

I have bought a video editing program, on my laptop and have been fiddling around with that to improve both my video and audio editing skills.

In class we have been taught quoting by Pam and the importance of getting that correct. I have written a lot of articles over the last two years and only recently realised that I have been quoting all wrong! Pam was very thorough with her lessons and ensured that we all knew how to do it correctly.

Looking forward to after the holidays where we will be venturing out to Central station to film a 360 degree video. i have no experience with 360 videos so should be interesting!


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