Journal Entry #4

The last couple of weeks has traveled along very quickly! With only 16 weeks in the whole course to think we are half way through has given me a bit of a fright.
Overall I have been feeling pretty nervous and anxious about everything as the pressure gradually builds. A lot of that anxiety has to do with what I will be doing after this course but some of it is also attributed to completing assignments such as writing articles.

The work in class has been pretty good over the last fortnight, the teaching apart from our editing class has been quite good and have enjoyed the freedom in most classes of being able to work on assignments.
Media project has been one of these subjects I have learnt from, by the research and stories I have written. Over the last couple of weeks I have been placing together my stories on the spirit of cricket where I interviewed Geoff Lawson a former international cricketer, and a story on the growth of veganism in Australia.

Still feeling overwhelmed by the audio and video editing aspects of the course and hasn’t been taught these much at all. Hopefully this changes soon but have started to do some of my own editing work in the hope of learning the ropes.


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