Journal entry #3

The last few weeks of Tafe have been interesting to say the least. I have learnt a lot from our Monday morning class with teacher Pam Walker. Pam has taught us a lot about the inverted pyramid way of writing to ensure that the most newsworthy bits are up the top.
We have also been learning about quotation marks and where to implement them in a story.

Unfortunately one of the other subjects I was very excited about has been a big let down.
Video story telling was supposed to have an element of video editing and it was what I was relying on heavily to gain some valuable skills. We haven’t attempted any editing nor been taught any which has been very disappointing. Hopefully it improves in the near future.

The rest of the course has been going pretty well and I have been satisfied with it. It has also been great getting to know the other students and build rapport with them.


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