Journal Entry #1

TAFE is back ya’ll! It seems an eternity since I was last in the classroom studying after finishing the certificate IV last November. Last year was a lot of fun and I was happy with my results, but this time It was going to be different as a Diploma is a big deal and was already feeling the pressure before the course started.

The classes were set out from the start and sounded interesting if not a little bit daunting (video and audio editing! Gulp!).
The class for this year is again quite small which doesn’t phase me as means I can gain assistance from the teachers where needed. The rest of the students are really nice and willing to learn as much as I which is really positive.

I have already learn a whole lot in the first fortnight of TAFE. I am most looking forward to Monday morning’s class with Pam. We are being taught very thoroughly about the importance of factual evidence when writing a story as well as using the inverted pyramid to ensure that the most important facts are up the top.
My writing has improved since I’ve been at TAFE but want it to get even better if I am to compete with other journalists when applying for full time work. Therefore this class is vital to my success and thankful that we can get help where needed.

I am looking forward to the rest of the course but also feeling a little bit nervy about the story map and the editing videos and audio. I think I need to trust myself and my ability a bit more and just get it done.

That’s all for now but will bounce back in two weeks.


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