Journal Entry #1

The first couple of weeks of TAFE has come past fairly quickly. I guess that’s the way it goes when you are only here three days a week.
I am still trying to find my feet in the Diploma course and particularly in this class (media project).

We have been tasked with coming up with six stories as part of our story map project.
This forced me to think outside the box. Naturally I wanted to do a sports story, its what I know the most about and feel the most comfortable writing.

However with the wise words of teacher Verity Chambers ringing in my ears I decided to pick topics that were important but not in my regular subject field.

The first topic I decided was to report on “Veganism In Australia” and why there has been such a spike in people moving away from eating meat products and living by the vegan diet.
My sister and a few other people I know have just started this lifestyle so will be interviewing them along with adding a few stats to this story. It will be exciting to write this article and also a way of learning about this new wave of eating that is becoming popular in Australia.

The second story I am doing will be a lot more complex. I want to focus on youth mental health and also tie that into youth suicide.
It will be focused on the Sutherland Shire area as this area is local to me and has a high rate of suicide in youth.
My plan is to interview a few young people from my church (and possibly their friends) as well as a few of my friends that are living with mental health.
Again I will be adding stats from the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) to back up the story and show the enormity of the issue.
I will be doing it via video as I want to improve my video journalism and editing skills.
I also feel this will be the most effective way to insight emotion from the story.

I am hoping to continue to improve over the next few weeks in TAFE and kick start all of my stories on the story map.
Planning will be the first task for me!


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