Sydney University and Bankstown collide in McDonald’s NSW Premier Cricket Final

Nick Larkin Grade Final WEB 30-3-17.jpg


Minor Premier Sydney University will attempt to record its fourth Belvidere Cup triumph in the past seven seasons when it meets Bankstown in the McDonald’s NSW Premier Cricket final at Bankstown on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Continue reading


Gordon Women’s NSW Premier Cricket Champions

Womens Grade Champions Gordon WEB 201617.jpg


Gordon has taken out the McDonald’s Women’s NSW Premier Cricket competition with a convincing eight-wicket win over Sydney Rangers at Blacktown International Sports Park.  Continue reading

Journal Entry #2

This semester is moving a lot a bit too quickly for me! Already four weeks through the course and panic is now starting to set in!

I haven’t started working on my assignments although technically I have as done a fair bit of research and behind the scenes work such as setting up interviews and writing drafts. I just feel like I haven’t done that much, sure that’ll change when I put pen to paper so to speak.

The last fortnight has been really good when I’ve been in class. Unfortunately I have done some commentary and that has meant I’ve missed a bit of class which has made me guilty.
I have tried to catch up as much as I can and haven’t really fell behind at all.

This past two weeks I have really enjoyed the innovation class that we do on Monday afternoon’s. It is a little bit different to any class that I have ever done and stretches my thinking (which makes me uncomfortable!)
I’m hoping that when we do the group assignment of recording a 360 degree video that I can display my skills in innovation and contribute meaningfully to the project.