Bolton Fans Unite To Get Southend United Groundsman His Job Back



Bolton Wanderers fans have started a petition on to get Southend United’s groundsman Ken Hare his job back after he was sensationally sacked as the League One match between Bolton and Southend was cancelled last Saturday.

The pitch at the Roots Hall (Southend United’s home ground) was deemed to risky to play on by referee Charles Breakspear as ice had covered different portions of the pitch.
It had an adverse effect for the traveling Bolton fans who made a 492-mile round trip, however they are now the ones calling for Hare to be re-instated after his sacking from Southend United.

A statement from the club’s website reads:”People generally lose their position as a result of not doing their job. “The necessary decision surrounding Mr Hare was a disappointment and of course not taken lightly.”

The petition on was created by the Bolton fans who feel that Hare has been unfairly treated. “On Saturday 21st January, 2017 the Football pitch at Roots Hall, home of Southend United F.C. was deemed unplayable and the match against Bolton Wanderers was postponed leaving hundreds of Bolton fans having to travel back home.
“Head groundsman for Southend United, Ken Hare, has since been sacked after 27 years in the job for what was probably a simple error of judgement.
“We Bolton fans are disgusted with this and want to work together to get him his job back.”It is always disappointing when a match is postponed but he does not deserve to lose his job which we are all sure he was very good at just for this.
“Stand up for Ken and let’s show what a fantastic fan base we can be.”

So far 1700 people have signed the petition that was created on Wednesday afternoon

In total, four games in the South-East of England were cancelled as temperatures fell to five degrees below zero for several days.
Due to these conditions Hare used heaters and covers to thaw the penalty are which was getting no direct sunlight.
However the pitch was still deemed unsafe by the referee and the match was postponed.


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