El Salvador has first day without homicide in two years



Central American nation El Salvador has had its first full day free of death in almost two years according to Central American country’s Civil Police Commissioner Howard Cotto.
January 11, was the first such day since January 22, 2015 that there weren’t any homicides.
In the previous 10 days there had been some 99 deaths in the country as police geared up for more bloodshed.

It is unknown why there was no deaths on January 11 considering the on going violence day-in and day-out in the country.

In March 2015, a study in El Salvador showed the grim nature that the country is in  with an average of 16 murders per day. Furthermore, 2015 was a year that featured 104 people killed in every 100,000 residents.

Homicide rates fell in 2016 by 20% but the country still had on average 14.4 deaths per year. With a death rate of 81 people per 100,000 residents El Salvador is one of the bloodiest countries that is not engaged in warfare or civil war.

The violence is attributed to gang violence in the Central American country with warring gangs across the country causing widespread violence, death and retribution attacks.

No one is immune from the attacks with innocent civilians and police becoming the latest victims to the on going war in the streets.

Unfortunately the respite didn’t last with an off-duty policeman fatally shot by two gunmen riding a motorbike in the north of the country.
Later that night an owner of a car wash business was killed outside her business in a dangerous part of the capital Sal Salvador thought to be owing to extortion payments.

The violence has seen an exodus of people leaving the country. Tens of thousands people each year attempt to migrate to Mexico or the United States to escape the bloodshed.
In a recent poll conducted by the Central American University Jose Simeon Canas in Sal Salvador, 40% of Salvadorians would like to leave the country which is the highest percentage in a decade.
More than 17% of people polled said somebody in their family have been forced to leave the country due to the threat of violence.

Vice President Oscar Ortiz has promised that the government will continue its crackdown on gang violence in El Salvador.
“We will not stop, we will continue attacking those who insist on acting outside of the law, and this year we will do it even harder,” he said.



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