Mr Dutton, how do you sleep at night?



Much has been made of the immigration policy to Australia in recent years. From the dark old days of John Howard’s liberal party where desperate families were thrown overboard, to the current, shambolic display by the liberal party who have demonstrated absolutely zero empathy to anyone that attempts to enter Australia illegally. A lot of people have differing opinions. This isn’t what I am writing about. This is about human rights and how people that come here don’t deserve to be treated like criminals.

The current Minister for Immigration is Peter Dutton. A former officer of the law who after being the Minister for Education and Sports, moved his way over to attempting to protect our borders. He probably feels pretty proud of himself too. I mean along with Tony Abbott he stopped the boats didn’t he! What an achievement! People clambering to keep alive and leaving impoverished areas such as Syria, Iraq and Sudan to come to our once great country. Well done lads, that is something to hang up on the mantle piece.
There is something that irks me about people showing contempt and utter disregard for another human being. Peter Dutton has done this a lot since he first held his post as immigration minister and seems to get a sick sense of satisfaction out of it.
People have died on this man’s (I use the word man very loosely as he acts more like a cockroach) watch yet he has never showed any remorse, showed any compassion or even tried to empathise with the families who have lost someone dear to them.
Consistently Mr Dutton has made inappropriate and racist remarks to a variety of people and ethnicity groups. In fact you only need to do a quick google search to find out what a despicable human being the man is. Not content with making a racist comment towards the large Lebanese population in Australia (where he said the Frazer government had made a mistake in resettling Lebanese refugees in the 1970’s-SBS news November 22, 2016). Furthermore, earlier in 2016 he rejected a proposal for a detainee for an abortion who was raped. The man’s moral compass is severely skewed.
He has come under scrutiny in recent days for the treatment of Sudanese refugee Faysal Ahmed whilst in detention on Manus Island.
Suffering from pains in his chest, muscle tightness and shortness of breath Mr Ahmed was told by medical staff that “there was nothing wrong with him” and he would not be seen by the staff for that particular issue. Despite the protests of some 60 Sudanese detainees, the issue was ignored. After having a fall and then having a seizure Mr Ahmed was flown to Brisbane where he died of his injuries. Mr Ahmed didn’t have to die and now the government is dodging around the issue and refusing to answer questions. Isn’t that the least that Dutton and his fellow cronies owe this man and his life?
He joins, amongst others, Reza Berati who was 23 when he was beaten to death during a riot, and Hamid Khazaei who died of septicemia a few weeks after a foot wound he suffered became infected. Both men died in 2014, before current immigration minister Peter Dutton took office.
The saddest part of all of this has been that Manus Island was declared unconstitutional by Papua New Guinea court nine months ago yet 900 men and women ares till detained there.

How does Peter Dutton think that any of this behavior is acceptable? Whether it is of the staff working at the detention centres or his duty of care as Immigration Minister. When did life become something that we can just play with like it is an on-line computer game?
Dutton has shown gross negligence of asylum seekers during his time in office as Immigration officer and he should be removed immediately.
Mr Ahmed’s is not a isolated case with hundreds of detainees in the last few years dying due to illnesses not to mention doctors and nurses being barred from disclosing information about sexual assaults and inappropriate behaviour (which has been lifted thankfully).
Does the man have no heart? What would he do if he was put in a situation similar to Mr Ahmed? No doubt he would be scratching and clawing to stay alive and stay healthy. A basic human right that has been taking away from many detainees in detention centres in Australia and across the pacific is that of their right to basic medical assistance. Mr Ahmed was denied of this and this rips to the core of my heart.

This doesn’t come down to what political party you vote for or if these people come to Australia legally. It comes down to basic human compassion (of which Dutton has none).
How can you let the blood of innocent people be on your hands?
We are very fortunate to live in a country where there are minimal attempts on our lives or sudden danger that impacts our daily situations. Do you want to know how many people die in Sudan each year? Should I discount the 10,000+ that have been killed as part of the civil war? Do I included the over 1,000 rapes of both men and women?What about the 2.5 million people that have been displaced?
This is just one story. This is what Mr Ahmed was escaping. I could go on for hours carefully describing other inmates that have come from dangerous areas all over the world and why they chose Australia as their “safe haven”. When the basic moral is that these men and women and children deserve compassion from us as fellow humans. God created us all as equals, if locking a man up inside a prison for trying to escape war is what it means to be tough, then I’m glad my name isn’t Peter Dutton, because although he may shirk the responsibility of the many people hoping for an inquest into the disgraceful behaivour of Manus Island and its staff. He will be judged by God one day and that is one thing he can’t run away from.

Australia make 2017 a good year and remove this monster from his role as Immigration Minister. We don’t need someone like him as a poster boy for our country.

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