30 die in Uganda boat tragedy



A boat carrying a Ugandan football team has capsized on Lake Albert in the country’s west killing 30 people.

The boat was carrying a local village football team and its supporters when the boat capsized after it came unbalanced when too many people moved to one side of the boat.
The vessel was carrying 45 people, with 15 people helped to safety by police and local fisherman.
Tragically, the 30 people to die were all non-swimmers and perished just 100 metres from the shore.

Police commander John Rutagira told AFP news agency that most passengers were drunk by the time they embarked on the boat.

The team (Kaweibanda Village) and its supporters were on its way to the Hoima District to play a Christmas Day match.
They were reportedly singing songs and blowing trumpets when they set off from their home area of Buliisa District.

On November 10, ten people were killed on the western shore of Lake Albert due to a similar boating incident.

This is the second major tragedy begetting the football world following the death of many of the  Chapocoense soccer team back in November.

Police are investigating the incident after eye witnesses confirmed that the operator of the boat (Coxswain) was under the influence of alcohol when the journey began.


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