Journal entry #7

This is the last journal entry I am doing for News Conference and in some ways I feel a little melancholy. It is always a little bit sad when things come to an end and this is no different in this case.

We have all of our assignments due tomorrow and I feel really good about the work that I have completed in this class. The journals I have written have been a little bit wordy and sometimes I haven’t had too much of an idea off what to say or write. It is a pretty unique experience to self evaluate and it has helped me a fair bit this year.

I have picked up some useful tips and skills from News Conference this year, the most would probably be staying up to date of all of the news, particularly the world news which I am extremely passionate about. My writing as I have mentioned all year has improved week by week and Nick has assisted me with this a fair bit.
I feel a lot more confident with my writing than I did before I started this course and this shows the impact that TAFE has had not only on me but also the fellow TAFE students.

Still really excited for the next few weeks even if the classes do diminish. It’s great getting to talk news and report on it, writing more articles will continue to help me develop.

Big thanks to Nick for his teaching and what a great class it has been this year.


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