Journal Entry #7

The final journal for Mobile Photography!

This subject has been a bit of a challenge to me throughout. As mentioned in previous journal entries, I have never really felt comfortable with taking photos and even after starting the subject often compared myself to other students who had really good photo taking ability.

When I look at myself when I started this course to where I am now, there is definite improvement. Probably not as much as I would have liked but still a huge improvement. I vividly remember doing the first photo task and I was so frustrated and disappointed in myself as I couldn’t get it done. Everything seemed too hard and I just wanted to throw the towel in. Somehow I managed to complete it and even get the photo re-posted in Instagram!

My aim for this class has just been to pass and do the best that I can. I have never been someone that is very creative so made it my goal to try and take photos that mimicked that as much as I could. Looking through the photos that I took there were some pretty decent ones.
I want to especially thank Verity for the help and assistance she has given me in this class.
I still have a few photos to take to complete my photo portfolio but am happy with what I have produced.

Will be a proud moment when I finish this class and has proved to me that although things seem hard, with hard work and effort you can get by.


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