Journal entry #6

This week in Mobile Photography we got to go on an excursion! How fun!

We went out to Barangaroo and were able to witness first hand the new tunnel that connects Wynyard Station to Barangaroo.

I felt pretty good going into the excursion mainly because one of the photos we had to take was a 36o degree photo which i mastered the week before. With the rest of the photos I was just trying to make them as creative as I could. This is something I have battled with all year and not something that comes very easily to me.

We also had to come up with a theme to base our photos around. Due to the ongoing construction around Barangaroo I made my theme construction. It was then pretty east for me to plan my photos and decide what photos I would take instead of them being just random shots.

I was pretty happy with my photos and ended up with a solid allotment of about 13 photos. I trimmed this down to 10 and that was what I went with when posting to Instagram.

My photo taking ability is continuing to improve each week and I am now turning my focus to the weekly photo exercises to ensure that I complete all of them by the end of term.



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