Journal entry #6

Our Online and Social Media class this week was probably the most beneficial class I have had to date.

The reason for this was getting some invaluable 1 to 1 feedback from Verity on our latest assignment. I had sent it in a few days earlier even though the assignment isn’t due until next week. This turned out to be a good thing as Verity went through the entire article with me and explained some really important things to me.

My article was on a soccer player that I know Niki and although I tried really hard to make it the best finished work I could, there were still lots of things to polish up on.

Verity showed me how to properly write a feature article. This started with taking me (the author) out of the subject and focusing purely on the subject (Niki).
She also assisted me with grammar which made the story sound so much better than it did before. I was really thankful for the time she spent with me (45 minutes) that helped me understand what I need to do to write and effective and well structured article.

For the rest of the lesson, I went about fixing up my article and making the necessary changes. It took a lot longer than expected and I still hadn’t completed all of it by the time class had finished.

It was a productive lesson and I was very thankful for the help and assistance I received.


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