Transcript of interview with Niki Loe

Jack: Tell me about your childhood, what was it like growing up in the Loe household?
Niki: Growing up in the Loe household was great! I always had lots of family around with younger siblings and relatives plus mum was always a stay at home mum up until recent.
Jack: Did your family have an influence on your footballing career?
Niki:  Of course they had plenty of influence and always supportive with my best interest at heart.
Jack: How does it feel to be in the Sutherland Sharks set up?
Niki: It’s obviously a great club with a very stable setup and great people throughout. Doesn’t hurt that it’s across the road from home!
Jack: Is it hard managing a sport career and a work career?
Niki:  It is challenging, to an extent but very doable. There’s obviously times the I would rather dedicate myself to one or the other but it’s working for me at this stage and I haven’t stunted my growth here nor there.
Jack: What are your goals in the soccer world?
Niki:   I just want to go as far as I can, to play professionally has always been my goal, if I can reach that then I will create a new goal.
Jack: Who has helped you along the way?
Niki: It’s impossible to name them all, plenty of people along the way have influenced my life in soccer, I try to take the best out of every coach and continue learning every session.
Jack: What are your goals for this upcoming season?
Niki: For the upcoming season my goals are to continue improving my game and do my best to cement a starting position in the team.
Jack: What are your passions outside of soccer
Niki: Soccer is my passion although as mentioned I also have a working career in the waste industry which I am also passionate about


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