Mojo assignment #3 and review of work



The first assignment we had to do for mobile journalism was a short interview with an expert in their field. I decided to choose of my friends Nathan who plays goalkeeper for the Sutherland Sharks in the NSW Premier League soccer competition.

The interview itself was pretty simple and I had no issue with what I had to do. I felt good with myself as had done a fair bit of planning and knew the questions that I wanted to ask.
Nathan helped me a lot as well by giving long, thorough answers that covered a lot of topics.
There was also very limited editing I had to do which made the assignment pretty simple for me.

If I had to do it again I would perhaps try to limit my umm’s and ah’s so it sounded more professional and also take Nathan into a room where it eliminated background noise.
Overall though I was happy with my work.

Our second assignment was an edited vox pop in the streets of Newtown.
I worked with Div and despite putting together a good end piece I was pretty annoyed at myself for the way that I started the assignment.

It took me about 10-11 takes to get the intro right and I felt under pressure. Some of that was due to the fact that i was nervous about going to the police station to interview our first subject. I was mumbling over my words and kept losing my focus.
With a little encouragement from Div I regained my composure and was able to out forth a pretty solid intro.

Once in the interviews I was pretty pleased with my questioning and combining that with the questions that Div posed to his subject, we came out with a good product.
I felt nervous talking to the policeman but was able to ask questions that focused on the topic of the “lockout laws” and gave us a good point of view from the law enforcement view.

Div handled the editing but I gave assistance where needed and the end product was something that we were both pleased with.

The Final assignment was the audio interview and slideshow. I competed mine on Div as he had a good story to tell.
It focused on his youth and losing his mum to a heart disease and also having to care for his sister who has a significant disability.
I had planned out the questions and was very happy with the intro I thought up of.
I would have liked to spend more time interviewing Div as it was a riveting topic but alas I didn’t want to have too much audio to edit.
The photos I put up were applicable to Div’s story and included pictures of both him and his sister. This was the assessment that I was most pleased with despite spending the least time on.

I’ve really enjoyed this subject and have learnt so many new and exciting skills that will benefit me for the future. Thanks Nick


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