Journal entry #6

Getting down towards the end of the TAFE year but I am still trying to work as hard as I can to fine tune my writing.

In News Conference we again had a real life news conference and discussed what is happening in the world of news and what articles we could write abouit, particularly on a “slow news day”.

Nick then asked us to write an article on a news topic that interested us as well as embeding audio or video into that article.
I chose a piece of news that I feel passionately about and that is the Royal Commission into the mistreatment of the Indigenous youth in Northern Territory.

I collected a lot of my info of a Guardian article that was released earlier in the morning as it was factually based and was very well written. I added bits of my own understanding in there and felt it sounded pretty well. I did at first struggle with writing something that sounded logical and structurally correct but was able to brush off those cobwebs and wrote a well informed article.

I finished off the class by writing a quick report article on Aston Villa’s soccer win that morning. It was only their 2nd win all season and their first win away from home in 438 days! So quite a significant point for them. This was easy for me as I know the sport back to front.Got it done quickly and added it to my many sports articles that I have posted this year.


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