Journal entry #5

I looked up at the calendar last week and realised that there is only a little while left of the TAFE year. 

This took me by surprise and a big dose of reality set in. I have really enjoyed my time at TAFE but also makes me aware of the assignments that I need to get started on.

With all of my outside journalism work going on, sometimes TAFE can take a back page and be left alone. This has been changed with my outlook over the final 6 weeks of this course.

Our last class of News Conference was refreshing. I really enjoy getting to have a real “News Conference” with the rest of the class and stay in touch with the events that are happening in the world.

Given some of the skills that I have learned from this class, it has helped me with my writing and made more much more confident as a journalist. Nick has been very helpful and to have someone that is non-judgmental and easy to get along with has made it easy to ask questions and get answers.

With only a handful of classes left, I am hoping to get as much as I can from these classes.


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