Journal Entry #4

I decided in class for our assignment that I will be doing it on one of our fellow class mates Ejder. He has lived an interesting life and has lived as a migrant in Australia. Verity suggested that I do it both audio (recorded) and write an article on it. This will be tough ask but something I believe I have the ability to do. I am looking forward to speaking with Ejder as I believe he has a great story to tell.

I have continued to work on my wordpress quite intently. It has been one of the more focal points of this class and with the help of Verity have been able to form my wordpress into something that not only sounds good but looks good.

One of the things I have been disappointed in has been the small attendance in class. This really isn’t anyone’s fault but I find it easier to learn when I can bounce off ideas from others.

With not too many classes left, it is vital for me to continue to learn as much as I can from this class and continue my online personality of which can help me in the long run. As you can probably tell, I am waffling now so I’ll leave it here. Check back in two weeks.

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