Journal #5

First week back from holidays and right back into it in class!

We used photo shop this week and there were no surprises that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing! Photo shop was really big and messy and confusing! I didn’t know where to start and despite listening to most of Verity’s instructions was getting quite confused.

I liaised with a few classmates and soon got the hang and experimented with the program, it seems to be quite a useful program when working with photos but definitely not my cup of tea.

I have continued to be lazy and have fallen even further behind with my photo exercises but have promised myself that I will get on to that this week!
I have even spoken to some of my friends at church who are photographers and are smart with an iphone. They have given me some good ideas to work with when shooting off my phone.

With only a few weeks left, I am looking to get as much as I can from the rest of this class.
Will be sad when it’s all over.

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