Journal #5

We were in the computer room for our online and social media class on Friday and set about working on our assignments and blogs. 

I took the time to change the layout of my blog to try and attract some more followers and visitors. I have been putting up lots of sports related articles and there is enough content there. I wanted to ensure that it looked the part as well. 

Verity came and looked at it and was impressed with the content that was on there. That was a real confidence boost for me and made me feel good about the work I had been putting up there. 

I also spent a little bit of time working on my assignment and seeing what questions I could use for interviewing Ejder next week. I want it to run smoothly and planning the Interview will ensure that. I feel confident about the assignment and think I can do a really good job on it, looking forward to the challenge.

That all for now, will check back in a little later and give progress on my interview with Ejder. 

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