Journal Entry #4

The last couple of weeks of news conference have been pretty hard. With Nick not in class due to personal reasons, we have had another teacher and the experience hasn’t been the same. We have missed out on valuable class time to attend two pretty sub standard presentations and this has been upsetting to me. News conference is my favourite class and I enjoy  learning about writing and getting the opportunity to write news pieces.
It was very refreshing to get Nick back as our teacher this week and learn about copyright law (although it was dry in periods) and also get some insight into how radio works and Nick’s experience in that industry.

Having already sent in my first assignment for this subject, I am more than half way through the 2nd task which I am writing on “the death of spirit of cricket”. It is a lot harder than I expected and I’m having trouble structuring it effectively. I have lots of info but just need to work out how to get my opinion over it and vocalise why I believe cricket has lost it’s spirit. I have been chipping away at it each day and am slowly inching towards completing it.


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