Journal entry #3

The last couple of weeks of Social Media class has been very good, with the Vox Pop coming up I am becoming increasingly nervous however. I think this probably boils down to a vox pop we did last week with our Video journalism at Petersham where I couldn’t muster up the courage to ask many people questions and felt out of place. I’m hoping that the fact I’m with a group it might be a little easier and the practice I’ve been doing may help.

The content in class has been very good and helpful. We have continued to work on our blogs which has been really good and I feel very comfortable with what I have been putting up on there of late.
I am hoping to continue to expand my knowledge with social media and find out ways to promote news stories and ways to interact with different audiences over the internet. It is something that I am not very good at and would like to be better at.

That’s all for now! Chat in two weeks!


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