Journal entry #2

The last two weeks have really flown by at TAFE and it seems that the year is quickly moving away from me. Luckily for me I am learning a lot from all of the teachers at TAFE and that includes my subject of online and social media.
We have been learning about different types of news and whether it fits into categories of spontaneous, regular and managed. This was very helpful for me and will be invaluable for writing articles as a bonafide journalist in a few years.
We have also been researching and learning different interviewing techniques and ways to get into contact with people. With the new age of technology I have learnt that face to face doesn’t always happen in interviews and there will be times that a phone call or email will have to suffice.

One of the most positive things about this class has been the building of relationships with other class mates. I have become close with a lot of the other members and this has meant a happy environment and an easier place to learn.

As I have social media platforms that I use on a regular basis, I have been using them to promote news and in particular my work, I feel this is a good way to be using them.

That’s all for now, will post again in a couple of weeks. Ciao!


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