Journal Entry #1

Coming into this class I had real reservations about it as photography has never been a strong suit of mine. I have trouble capturing the shot despite having in my mind what I want to photograph.
My fears were realised when we were given the ominous task of going out into the playground and taking photos of various surroundings. I attempted to take the best photos that I could, but I felt they were distinctly average and didn’t display my creativity. I was even afraid to show other people the photos I had taken as I didn’t think they were up to scratch! Crazy huh?

I found the majority of class ok, although it’s not something that I’m incredibly passionate about. It will be interesting to learn about camera angles, heat, lines and positions of subject- I would love to show improvement through the year
With it being a small class, I am hoping to be able to get some assistance from the teacher when needed.
This is going to be a hard subject for me and something that is daunting but I am going to tackle it head on (sorry for the sport cliche!) and succeed with it.


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