Journal Entry #2

News conference has been going really well of late. The content that we are learning in class has been really beneficial and is making me grow as a reporter.
One of the topics that I learnt a lot from was how to write a lead. It is all about trying to grab the audience’s attention and trying to get them to follow the story you are writing.

Despite it being a small class, I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to other students and their opinions and thoughts on different issues. It has given me a different perspective on journalism and has even given me tips on how to approach different stories.

I have already completed the first assignment and felt I did a really good job on it. I still need to do some research for the second article that I’ll be writing on the spirit of cricket but feel comfortable enough doing this. So far in my first 4 weeks of TAFE, I’d say that news conference is my favourite subject as it gives a really good insight into what is happening in the world as well as helping me fine tune my articles and get better at structuring and setting out my articles. Looking forward to the coming weeks with this class and hopefully becoming a better writer.


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