South Sudan Humanitarian Crisis: The Untold Fear

Embed from Getty Images

Dangerous clashes between government and opposition has left 6 million South Sudanese in need of humanitarian assistance and another 4.8 million facing severe hunger as the country spirals into damage control.

Clashes last month caused a fresh cycle of violence and displacement and there is real concern from aid workers in the surrounds of South Sudan. “I am extremely concerned as the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan continues to deepen and spread, causing untold devastation to so many innocent people,” said Eugene Owusu the UN’s humanitarian coordinator for South Sudan.


In Juba in the South of the country, displaced desperate families are left with the gut wrenching choice of staying within the UN camp and watch their children starve or risk leaving the camp to fetch food and being exposed to attack from rogue soldiers continuing to fight. According to UN statistics more than 100 women were raped after moving out of camp in search of food in the last three months.


A fall in agricultural production mixed with an economic crisis and sky rocketing food prices has left South Sudan on the brink of a famine.

In an effort to avoid further escalation of the conflict, the UN Security Council is set to discuss the deployment of a regional protection force this week. If this goes ahead they would be part of a 12,000 strong peacekeeping mission endorsed by the UN


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